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SaaS Everywhere: ARW’s Customer Success Strategy in this time of COVID-19

SaaS Everywhere

ARW’s Customer Success Strategy in this time of COVID-19

As COVID-19 has created a new normal with the stay-at-home orders, I sat down virtually with our CTO, Amitava Maulik, and asked him some questions about how our company is continuing to support our clients, our team, and what we have learned from this pandemic.

How do you continue to support your customers during this time?

At ARW, our work transitioned quite smoothly to this new reality. ARW has always taken advantage of software and infrastructure offered as a service. Internally, we already use cloud-based platforms for numerous internal functions from software development, product deployment, sales, employee benefit management, accounting, human resources, marketing, documentation and training. Luckily, ARW’s business and our own platform, Cozeva, has been unhampered just like consumer cloud services most of us use everyday, like Google or Amazon.

How are you maintaining high-performance teamwork?

To help maintain performance, ARW has encouraged its staff to make their home office as private, comfortable and well-equipped as possible. Because we have a distributed team and a flexible work-from-home policy, with remote work and web conferencing firmly established in our workflow, we were able to transition quickly. We also hold daily team huddles and open forum discussions with our teams to ensure that everyone is supported and stays connected. During our weekly All-Hands, different team members are paired up to discuss their ongoing projects and also share their struggles and challenges. Our ongoing challenge is to help our hardworking team members to take enough breaks to keep their bodies moving and healthy while staying safe.

How will this pandemic affect ARW and Cozeva’s development and growth?

Cozeva product architecture decisions when we were first founded, have helped us to weather the pandemic without any hiccups and has avoided many of the challenges of on-premise installed software products.  Here are a few ways the pandemic has opened up new opportunities to be of deeper service to our customers:

  • First, Cozeva helps with proactive outreach to patients most vulnerable to COVID-19. The science is still evolving, but so far the evidence points to underlying comorbidities as potential signifiers that the patient is at higher complication risk if they are exposed to COVID-19. Cozeva has already been helping our customers to run analytics to identify those patient cohorts and conduct proactive outreach and monitoring.
  • Secondly, Cozeva is helping practices stay productive despite stay-at-home orders. As in-person office visits go to zero, telehealth visits are the new norm because of the need for physical distancing. Many practices have taken this time to close these care gaps via telehealth outreach so that when their offices open up again there will be less of a backlog. Fortunately, because of Cozeva’s cloud infrastructure, doctors and their staff are able to securely login from their homes as needed. This work to catch curable diseases at an early stage or to make sure patients with chronic diseases are trending in the right direction, must still happen even as everyone copes with the isolation of COVID-19.
  • Finally, Cozeva will be there for the future of COVID-19. When COVID-19 stay-at-home orders are lifted, the virus will still be circulating around the world until a good vaccine is approved a year or more from now and the clinical trials of treatments are final. Cozeva already helps track the annual flu vaccines and we track many comorbidities (smoking, diabetes, heart conditions) that make certain patients more vulnerable to COVID-19 complications. Cozeva will be there to help analyze, stratify and do the best case management for those who need to take extra precaution and get special support. In this time of COVID-19, best-in-class population health is needed by health systems and medical groups more than ever and Cozeva will be there all the way.

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Telehealth Risk Adjustment During COVID-19 Pandemic

Telehealth Risk Adjustment During COVID-19 Pandemic

Can a diagnosis made during a telehealth visit be counted for risk adjustment? That has been the big question surrounding the Risk Adjustment community as our government and top healthcare officials continue to battle COVID-19.

The answer is yes!

From the Department of Health & Human Services on April 10, 2020:

“CMS is stating that Medicare Advantage (MA) organizations and other organizations that submit diagnosis for risk adjusted payment are able to submit diagnosis for risk adjustment that are from telehealth visits when those visits meet all criteria for risk adjustment eligibility, which include being from an allowable inpatient, outpatient, or professional service, and from a face-to-face encounter. This use of diagnosis from telehealth services applies both to submissions to the Risk Adjustment Processing System (RAPS), and those submitted to the Encounter Data System (EDS). In order to report services to the EDS that have been provided via telehealth, use place of service code “02” for telehealth or use the CPT telehealth modifier “95” with any place of service.”

The full letter can be found on the CMS website.

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