About Us

Applied Research Works, Inc. (ARW) is a recognized leader and provider of healthcare technology solutions since 2012

Applied Research Works, Inc. (ARW), creates software products and services to solve challenging data problems in healthcare, government, education and social care organizations.  Cofounders, Yin Ling Leung, a community health educator, and Shaibal Roy, a computer scientist, combined their strengths to create ARW’s flagship product Cozeva, a powerful real-time data integration platform that can be used by one organization or multiple stakeholders to provide the best health and social care for people.


Since 2012, Cozeva has helped health plans and physician organizations of all sizes to align processes and programs to transform traditional fee-for-service systems toward value-based care.  In 2015, Cozeva began serving provider organizations that participate in the innovative California Pay-for-Performance program and with accountable care organizations across the country.


What does Cozeva mean? In French, “coze” means “to chat in a friendly manner” and “va” is the Latin for “to go or move.” Together, coze+va (pronouced “koh-zee-va”), conveys the spirit of our company: to communicate and move people towards health and wellness.

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We provide solutions to more than 41,000+ providers in 20 states across the United States.