Applied Research Works Announces Cozeva Bridge so Providers can Focus on Addressing ‘Real’ Care Gaps

Fremont, CA — February 10, 2020 — Applied Research Works, Inc. ( announced today Cozeva Bridge, a new service in the market that consolidates medical information and incentives from health care provider groups and insurers into a unified view. Cozeva Bridge shares the necessary supplemental information with both health plans and medical systems for payments and reporting. Through the power of Cozeva Bridge, provider groups and insurers are able to access the information in Cozeva’s network and support engaging payment models with standardized and familiar workflows. Cozeva Bridge reconciles and provides Healthcare Effectiveness Data and Information Set (HEDIS®) and chronic condition data capture services to health plans and risk-bearing provider organizations.

Inconsistency and gaps in medical history have become a real pain point for providers, provider groups and insurers. This limited visibility into patient data has caused more headaches for providers, provider groups, and insurers when their priority should be taking care of the patient. As information is exchanged on an ad-hoc basis, information gaps are a major barrier. This causes more paperwork for physicians and less time interacting with their patients. Ironic, since the reason why they became physicians in the first place was to take care of patients. Any additional paperwork to close gaps in information is a challenge with physicians already feeling fatigued from spending twice as much time on paperwork than with patients.

This major headache can now be solved through the power of the Cozeva Bridge. With information and payment consolidation through unified patient and provider views, Cozeva Bridge reduces false alarms from gaps in information and empowers providers, provider groups, and health plans to focus on achieving better patient experiences and outcomes at a lower cost. Cozeva Bridge is a two-way integration between multiple provider groups and insurers that minimizes the administrative burden and complexity associated with sharing supplemental data with different payers. Additionally, a unified view allows both Health plans and provider groups to have visibility into ‘real’ gaps in quality and risk and lets them partner with providers to improve outcomes with better payment models. What can Cozeva Bridge do for your organization?

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