Applied Research Works Announces an Innovative Approach to the Annual Wellness Visit and PAF

FREMONT, CA – February 18, 2020 –  Cozeva announced an innovative approach to submitting the Annual Wellness Visit (AWV) and Practitioner Assessment Form (PAF) in Cozeva’s provider portal. The Cozeva AWV and PAF is one form that gives you a robust 360-degree view of each patient all in one location. Cozeva’s AWV and PAF pre-populate data such as CPTII codes, chronic conditions and suspect conditions to reduce data entry burden and ensures HEDIS and HCC gap closures in one visit. The AWV and PAF also suggest codes based on biometric data entered by the provider.

Cozeva’s AWV and PAF form force ranks HCCs alongside the quality care gaps. This allows for a review of suspect HCC related diagnoses codes as well as the recapture of chronic HCC related diagnoses codes. Users can submit the AWV / PAF for review just like any other measure in Cozeva in order to attest to a member’s compliance for the AWV. Conditions must either contain MEAT criteria or be removed before the provider can sign the form. This unique intelligence helps mitigate any RADV audit risk. When reviewing the supplemental data, the provider only gets credit for submitting the AWV once an administrator has reviewed and approved it.

One of Cozeva’s clients, an IPA with over 10,000 Medicare Advantage members submitted 1,987 AWVs in 2018 of which 1,681 patients had any HCC-related diagnosis code. a total of 3,734 HCCs for these 1,681 patients were captured resulting in total RAF at 942.897 or 0.4745 RAF lift per member with an average of $2,278 Per AWV, and an annual ROI of $3.97 million dollars!

Through Cozeva’s AWV and PAF users can easily identify specific under-diagnosed conditions by selective screening, produce audit-resilient documentation and capture data electronically via an 837 or supplemental file all of which helps to automate and centrally track the workflow in the provider office. With Cozeva, there’s only one log-in you need to remember to get the 360-degree view of your patients, submit AWVs, and approve it. Cozeva’s AWV and PAF can provide a major RAF lift for your organization, resulting in a huge return on investment.

For more information or to schedule a demo, contact or Eni Aligbe at 669-235-7675,