ARW’s Contribution to COVID-19 Relief in India

India’s COVID-19 cases are reaching new devastating heights everyday with over 3 million active cases. We are facing the largest humanitarian crisis we have seen in our lifetimes. As a global community, it’s time we join hands to contribute and stop this crisis.


ARW is participating in a volunteer effort power by Pathcheck Foundation – whose mission is devoted to containing COVID-19 and providing relief to India. A team of dedicated volunteers from all around the world are coming together to address poor resource allocation and gaps in data that can be fatal if neglected when fighting a pandemic.

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Pathcheck Foundation and Karuna web app

The team is launching a decentralized web app, Karuna, for crowdsourcing information and providing real time updates of beds, oxygen and hospital supplies in India. Currently, the pilot version of Karuna is live.


The efforts from this project include

  • Crowdsourcing patient recovery and treatment plan in a privacy preserving manner for COVID-19 recovered patients.
  • Have access to hospitals’ integrated oxygen and inventory mapping
  • Early detection and risk stratification
  • Variant tracker and super spreader tracking of the new variant
  • Ending misinformation about COVID-19
  • Modeling, prediction and analysis of COVID-19 cases

To know more about this project and how you can contribute, visit

Let’s do our part and fight this global crisis as one.