Customizable Predictive Analytics

Customize Predictive Analytics

Population Health Management

Identify and Track Vulnerable Patients

Cozeva can process millions of claims codes in real-time and also take in a single ADT alert of an ER visit. Thus, we can highlight exactly the patients who would benefit from a care team’s support.

Risk Stratification

Cozeva aggregates historical claims, encounter data, clinical data from labs, EHRs, PBMs, and social risk assessments to give your organization a 360-degree view of the entire population. Build cohorts and identify who will benefit from early interventions and avoid unnecessary emergency room visits.

Social Determinants of Health & Whole Person Care 

Our Whole Person Care Technology helps our clients in three ways:  First, we help identify unmet social and human needs through easy to administer risk-assessment surveys that create instant registries.  Second, we help to risk-stratify which patients would benefit from proactive outreach. Finally, our integrated longitudinal, population-health EHR and case management systems creates stronger coordination between clinical and non-clinical care teams.

Reduce Unnecessary Utilization

Cozeva’s predictive analytics help identify the top riskiest patients to evaluate for care management.

Risk Stratification to Maximize Staff Efforts 

Managing patients with chronic conditions has become increasingly critical, organizations can use Cozeva Analytics to better understand their patient populations and manage their resources more effectively.

Identify outliers

Stratify patients by future risk, benchmark cost and utilization and assess provider efficiency across care settings, service categories, and clinical episodes of care.

Maximize Shared Savings

Benchmarking and Comparative Analytics

Diverse Nationwide Clinical Data Set

Cozeva has a rich set of clinical data from nationwide customers, as well as de-identified data sets to create various benchmarks to evaluate relative cost and performance.

Benchmark Against National Cut Points

Cozeva customers score their providers against cut points provided by national benchmarking agencies like NCQA.

Benchmark Over Time

Users can compare their performance against peers or themselves at different points of time. Gain actionable insights and improve performance!

Surescripts Certified 

Cozeva is a Surescripts certified vendor in pharmacy benefit management, formulary checking, medication history, eRx, dispense notification and more. 

Cut Wasteful Spending 

Our reports and analytics help you manage cost trends and improve financial, clinical and operational performance. Gain insights into your population’s medication adherence and help improve outcomes and reduce costs related to adherence. 

Pharmacy Benefit Management

Cohort Builder

Say Goodbye to Silos

Cohort analyzer allow non-technical users to pull advanced reports and patient cohorts. Running a diabetes campaign? Get the maximum ROI of each patient encounter, bringing patients in for Medicare coding, Medicare Stars gaps and diabetes disease or case management.

Improve Patient Outreach

Isolate members by risk level and risk pools defined in the High Risk Populations Worksheets. Filters allow for multi- selection and narrowing campaign outreach.