Your Strategic Partner

Your strategic partner

Comprehensive, Agile and Responsive

ARW is much more than a vendor to our clients, we see ourselves as strategic technology partners to realize our clients’ most ambitious projects as they transition to the value-based payment future. As an organically grown privately-held company, ARW’s focus is on crafting a flexible and agile product for the changing healthcare landscape. We are a trusted platform for data sharing between payers, providers and patients who count on Cozeva for the information they need to realize value-based care and payment.


Our agile team approach requires that everyone at ARW continuously monitors their own workload, the company project workload and the development team, as well as the contracts emerging out of the sales pipeline. We anticipate the additional workloads emerging from both and provision resources accordingly.

So how is Cozeva different?

Our platform is person-centered, not patient- or provider-centered. A single person has relationships with multiple providers, resulting in multiple patient identities. Our person-centered technology takes this into account and creates the view of the data from the perspective of the person; data from multiple providers is aggregated into a single person file, a delivery system-wide chart, if you will. This makes it much simpler to manage populations, since you get to see the whole person, not just pieces of the person from a patient and/or provider perspective. Following on our person-centered technology is our person-centered approach to implementation. At our core is the belief that it’s the people who use technology that actually make the difference.


Technology, if done correctly, should be transparent and barely noticeable. As such, our approach to implementation is very person-oriented. We work very closely with our clients to ensure that Cozeva is integrated into the workflow of the provider offices – the last mile of healthcare. We work closely with our clients to understand from the end-user perspective how our cloud-based SaaS solution will be used in their clinical and non-clinical settings and utilize this information to ensure that our platform is seamlessly integrated within the workflow of providers and their support staff at the point of care.