Next Generation Data Platform

Next Generation Data Platform

Smart Chart Retrieval

Cozeva Secure Gateway 

Click one button and Cozeva Secure Gateway transmits charts from provider offices for automatic consumption to close care gaps, risk adjustment, and predictive analytics.

Desktop Integration

Most popular EHRs can be directly integrated into Cozeva from your desktop without requiring any server access or involvement of IT. 

Chart-Chase Management

Cozeva engages users to collaboratively administer, chase, abstract, and over-read charts in the most efficient way possible. Real time reports and predictive analytics supports successful chart chases every time.

Smart Scan

Send charts from your desktop screen directly to Cozeva with your webcam or smart phone camera. Cozeva will run OCR and NLP algorithms to retrieve maximum useful information from the charts.

HIE/HISP Integration

Send/receive data from almost all HIEs seamlessly. Cozeva is 100% interoperable with all HISPS that are in the DirectTrust bundle.

EMR/SureScripts/Lab /ADT Integration

With Cozeva, data transfer from/to most popular EMRs is a breeze. Get it done through APIs, files and through the User Interface. We are SureScripts certified for e-prescriptions, integrated with labs for orders and results, and we ingest ADT and other HL7 feeds.

Break Down Operational Barriers

Create collaborative workflows across different departments, break down operational barriers,  and integrate across departmental systems.


Data Warehousing

Scalable Data Model

Cozeva offers built in support for clinical and administrative data. We have a single data model for EHR, Quality, Risk, Case Management, and Actionable Analytics, which can be easily adapted to different customers’ practice hierarchies.

Real-Time Data Binding 

Our easy-to-use User Interface binds data in real time when you enter free text. Combine bulk data from health systems with real time events to generate actionable time sensitive alerts.

Customized Management

Our clean, intuitive dashboard will display a customized workflow that is catered to your organization’s needs. 

Clean, Profile and Format Data

We can easily convert data from a variety of sources to useable format. In order to fully understand the health information content, we extensively and securely profile the data. Within a short amount of time, we can enrich your data to make it more useful.

EDI Modernization

Cozeva is an integrated solution to improve efficiencies, automate processes and workflows, and eliminate errors. We support documents in almost any format (flat files, XML, JSON, X12, EDIFACT, etc.). By testing the impact of data wrangling decisions on a cloned environment, we ensure that your workflow is never affected.

Intelligent Data Aggregation

Our powerful technology will map data across different data sources and value sets into cohesive actionable information. We can aggregate duplicate information across different data sources and summarize data along customer specific hierarchies to reduce headaches and help you make meaningful decisions.

Health Data Wrangling

Extract Transform Load

Integrity, Consistency and Completeness

The end-to-end system ensures data integrity, consistency and completeness through statistical reports, reconciliation reports, trends, etc.

Alerts and Reports 

We carry out extensive validation checks and alert on errors so that prompt action may be taken to fix data problems. Comprehensive array of reports and trends during different stages of ETL allows data providers to identify root causes and repetitive problems.

Time Capsule

Quick access to historical data is available right from the Time Capsule User Interface. Powerful trend charts and data lag reports give insight into data availability issues so that they can be fixed promptly.

Multi-Role Data Access

Different user roles with personalized workflows can access a single version of truth, which is updated in real time.

HIPAA Compliance 

All access to the data is HIPAA compliant and satisfies the rules of need-based access. The system supports a myriad of enterprise and provider office hierarchies and delegate roles unique to each office.

Unified Logins Across Customers

Providers associated with different Cozeva customers have a unified login without their delegates violating HIPAA.

Access Control