Provider Engagement and Workflow

Provider Engagement and Workflow

Gamification for Provider Practice Engagement

Actionable Quality and Risk Registries

Cozeva solves the hardest problem in healthcare by supporting physician behavior change year-round. Our user interface allows interactive closure of care gaps, allowing providers to see how they make a difference and proactively improve quality scores.

Payment Transparency

Provide tangible motivators (e.g. shared-savings) and bend the cost curve. Encourage provider collaboration by incentivizing specialists with specialty-specific measures.

Social Comparisons

Network comparisons provide tangible motivators to drive higher performance and bend the cost curve. Visual appeal, real-time feedback, accuracy, and a simple user design will ensure that your providers keep logging in.

Prioritize Patients by Care Gaps

Cozeva’s patient lists are automatically prioritized by largest amount of care gaps. Filters such as ‘last seen,’ ‘last test date’ and recent ED & inpatient visits allow for better prioritization for patient outreach.

Automated Messaging and Reminders

Contacting members with reminders about preventive care, appointments and assessments is a challenge. With over 5+ years of experience in sending reminders from health plans and providers to members, Cozeva has developed an integrated messaging system that combines the power of multiple messaging systems:

  • Text messages and IVR phone calls (pin code to unlock secure information)
  • Printed preventive care letters
  • Cozeva Patient Portal and Android and iOS Apps

Automated Pre-visit planning

Cozeva is integrated with Practice Management Systems, Schedulers to automatically batch patients coming into the provider office for the day. With one simple click providers are able to print or import CCDs for chart prep.

Efficient Practice Workflow

Automate Proof of Service

Super AWV

Maximize the ROI of your Annual Wellness Visit by thinking outside the box. Conduct a yearly Health Risk Assessment, promote the AWV, collect diagnoses for HCC, report metrics for Star ratings and ensure documentation compliance – all in one visit!

Medicare and Medicaid Forms

Automate health risk assessments and well-being surveys.

Automated Chart Retrieval

Reduce chart chases by retrieving charts automatically via Cozeva’s secure gateway. Our prioritization logic optimizes your organizations’ resources by identifying where to focus your chart chase efforts. Users are trained and experts to track, measure and review their chart-chase initiatives for a successful submission.

Break Silos
Cozeva’s strength is in our real-time data integration which creates a trusting environment for care coordination to happen across multiple care settings. Cozeva comes with a built-in Health Information Exchange (HIE) which is DirectTrust tested to 100% interoperability. This breaks down the data silos to provide a true integrated care experience for your patients.

Coordinate care securely

Our HIPAA-compliant Cozeva Secure Text Messaging and our encrypted mobile applications are designed specifically to meet the high standards of privacy and security for healthcare.

Event / Task-based Triggers

Cozeva’s AI informs everyone about which events or tasks need to happen by what time and helps everyone to be aware of gaps in closing care gaps. Users can schedule tasks for all members of the care team.

Care Coordination

Patient Engagement

Secure Messaging

Cozeva enables you to deliver preventive care reminders (screenings, immunizations, pediatric visits, etc.) and other messaging (appointments) to patients. Send letters, emails and interactive voice response (IVR) calls.

Patient Apps and Portal

Our patient app notifies patients and sends reminders according to clinical approved templates.

Efficient Workflow

Develop targeted patient lists in real-time and contact them directly within our platform. Sort patients by various parameters, and ensure that the most risky patients are getting reminders. We have a variety of templates that you can pick from.

Patient 360 – One Record
Cozeva’s EHR, case-management, scheduling/practice management and HIE are built on one single data instance. This comprehensive 360-degree view of a patient makes it possible to obtain a longitudinal view of a patient’s situation so that team-based care can happen across multiple care settings.

Intelligent Referral Management

Cozeva’s e-Referrals are powered by Artificial Intelligence to identify which patients are due for care. If referrals are not completed, Cozeva’s built-in AI alerts the people who can best help that patient to complete their care. This is configurable to work with your existing workflows internally and outside your clinic.

Person-centric, Evidence-Based Care Plans

Cozeva is able to work with libraries of existing evidence-based care plans, such as Milliman Care Guidelines™, as well as your own proprietary care pathways. Cozeva can also ingest assessments about a person’s social assets (family caregivers) or needs (unmet socio-economic needs like housing, food, and other human needs) and take that data into consideration in crafting a whole person care plan.

Collaborative Health Record