On-Site Clinics

On-Site Clinics and Population Health EHRs

Traditional EHRs helped to ease the burden of coding for episodes of care for fee-for-service billing. Cozeva EHR does that and more! For clinics that manage longitudinal histories of an entire population, we are a perfect solution for you.

  • Are you a new ACO or Clinically Integrated Network? We support your data aggregation of diverse EHRs so you get one collaborative health record for everyone.
  • Are you a school district, occupational or workplace clinic,  infirmary or a county health program? We help you coordinate care internally and externally to help your staff do more for your population.
  • Are you a government whole person care program that seek to integrates non-clinical and clinical care? Are you seeking to address Social Determinants of Health in your care model? We have built-in risk-stratification analytics and population registries that can be configured for your population.  

Cozeva EHR was built from the ground up for optimizing care for entire populations.

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