Pharmacy Quality Alliance Annual Meeting

John O'Brien (DHHS) with Siddhartha Sinha (Cozeva) at the PQA Annual Meeting

This year’s Pharmacy Quality Alliance (PQA) Annual Meeting focused on embracing innovation. The keynote speaker – John O’Brien, a senior advisor at the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services discussed utilizing tools like Cozeva to deliver data in real time to providers in an accessible and user-friendly manner. We spoke to Mr. O’Brien after his speech and he actually said “I don’t know why more people don’t use Cozeva – it’s so intuitive!”

In addition to Cozeva’s intuitiveness, we are working on more ways to broaden the scope of our data around the whole person by thinking about health beyond the clinical data and incorporating social determinants of health . Our aim is to give our clients control of the resources so they can leverage our technology to engage patients outside of the healthcare system.

Another session we attended addressed the influence of risk adjustment on quality improvement programs. When comparing outcomes, what would your quality performance be if your population was on the same playing field irrespective of risk? Well, risk adjustment can help level the playing field. At Cozeva, our risk package helps you  understand and improve the care and coding specificity of your members. Our workbooks help you target the risky population based on average Cozeva risk scores or geography (geo map tool) which can affect risk adjustment.

PQA recommended ways to engage patients outside the traditional healthcare system, identify barriers for the patients and measure outcomes. Learn more about how Cozeva can help connect, measure, and act on real time data in order to transform your organization. Contact Eni Aligbe to learn more….