Cozeva ACO

Cozeva ACO

Simplify MACRA compliance while maximizing shared savings

Maximize Shared Savings

Population Segmentation and Predictive Risk Stratification to help you optimize medical spend.

Actionable Predictive Analytics

Cozeva predictive models and Care Management workflows.

Streamline Data Integration

Combine both claims data and clinical data and streamline workflows.

Manage Patient Leakage

Stratify risk, identify leakage and prepare budgets at a per member per month (PMPM) level.

CMS ACO Quality Measures

The Cozeva platform currently supports Medicare Shared Savings Program (MSSP) ACOs, Next Generation ACOs (NGACO), and IHA Commercial ACOs. (More)

Analytics to Drive Quality

Identify complete patient populations, gaps in care, stratify populations based on clinical, claims and socio-demographic criteria. (More)

Reduce Patient Leakage

Coordinating care among in-service and out-of-network providers can prove difficult and time-consuming. Minimizing network leakage solves this problem. (More)

Provider Engagement

We allow providers to compare their performance with others, and help them proactively improve the quality of patient care. (More)

ACO Patients in Cozeva


Easily import and export clinical data for continuity of care. (More)

Smart Chart Retrieval

Web Interface Submissions have never been easier using Cozeva. (More)

Population Health

Profile the overall health of a population, assess care quality, analyze care patterns, identify gaps in care and other opportunities for intervention, and analyze outcomes. (More)

Care Coordination

Generate reports in support of actionable care coordination activities, to identify care gaps and cost drivers for at-risk individuals. (More)

Efficient Workflow

Case management workflow between care delivery team members allowing referrals to flow between members of the care delivery team and the patient. (More)

Maximize Shared Savings

No matter which track you are on, improve ACO efficiency and create high-value organizations with the help of our platform. (More)
Predictive Risk