Cozeva Care

Cozeva Care

Care Management and Case Management for Whole Person Care

Efficient Workflow

Pre-populate forms to reduce data entry and configure time-based or event-based triggers for new tasks. (More)

Population Health

Risk stratification allows you to identify, track and manage your most vulnerable patients. (More)

Cohort Builder

Identify and group together patients based on criteria that you choose. Carrying out batch actions saves you time.  (More)

Collaborative Health Record​

We assemble patient data from various sources (ADT, EHR, claims- CCLF, HL7/CCD, etc) into one dashboard. (More)

Analytics to Drive Care

Let powerful, real-time analytics enhance care decisions. We show you the actionable insights you need. (More)

Care Coordination

Eliminate gaps in communication and break silos within your organization.  Involve all members of the care team seamlessly. (More)

Patient Activation

Our messaging and portal makes sure that your patients can be involved in their care.  (More)


Break down operational barriers with intelligent aggregation and seamless HIE integration. (More)

Value-Based Programs

No matter which program you participate in, we make sure you are being cost-effective while providing the highest quality care. (More)


We take pride in the integrity, consistency and completeness of our processes, handling both clinical and claims data in real-time. (More)

Secure Messaging

Talk to the entire care team: pharmacists, social workers, providers, patients and their family members within one secure, easy-to-use interface. (More)

Access Control

Role-based access ensures that sensitive patient information, comments or actions can only be seen by those who need to. (More)