Cozeva EDW

Cozeva EDW

HIE, EDI Modernization, Data Integrity and Business Intelligence

Smart Chart Retrieval

Chart retrieval has never been easier using Cozeva Smart Chart technology. (More)

Data Warehousing

Our scalable data model incorporates real-time data binding and is easily adaptable to your needs. (More)


Cozeva is 100% interoperable, allowing you to close data gaps by ingesting standard clinical data. (More)


We take pride in the integrity, consistency and completeness of our processes, and notify you along the way. (More)

Collaborative Health Record

Eliminate gaps in communication and break silos within your organization. (More)



Our comprehensive set of data from nationwide customers allows you to evaluate costs and performance. (More)

Secure Messaging

Talk to administrators, providers and patients within one secure, easy-to-use interface. (More)

Network Performance

Optimize quality scores and track organization performance at any level. (More)

Clinical Decision Support​

We are always up-to-date with the latest, most recognized databases to help you provide the best patient care. (More)