Cozeva Risk

Cozeva Risk

Comprehensive Risk Adjustment for Medicare and Medicaid

CMS-HCC, HHS-HCC, CDPS, Cozeva is equipped with the right risk model to help you reach your goals. (More)

Our advanced Suspect Model incorporates, claims, labs, medications, etc to build the suspect score for each patient. (More)

Make sure every dollar of your Medicare Risk Adjustment payments are accounted for. (More)

Optimize ROI and risk capture using Cozeva NLP technology. (More)

Smart Chart Retrieval

Cozeva’s analytics determine which charts will have the greatest ROI.  Our Smart Chart technology makes it easier than ever to retrieve medical records. (More)

Mitgate RADV Audit Risk ​​

Never lose sleep over RADV Audit again. (More)

Efficient Practice Workflow

Embedded into the office workflow, pre-visit planning and post-visit coding.  (More)


We take pride in the integrity, consistency and completeness of our processes, and notify you along the way. (More)