A New Collaboration - Cozeva and McQueen are collaborating to combine world-class insight technology with strategy and management consulting. Our shared vision is to enable providers and payers to drive dramatic improvements in value-based care
through data-insights and innovation.

MMcQueen delivers a different approach to management innovation – driving new solutions faster with high impact, localization, and scale. McQueen is known for its extended healthcare management consulting experience in effective strategy, growth, and change transformation with payers and providers.

CCozeva fully integrates data analytics (SureMetrics®) with real-time identification of actionable work for providers and their staff, payers, or their partners. Cozeva is recognized for its easy-to-use, visually stunning registry-driven dashboards for quality metrics programs, such as STARs, HEDIS®, P4P, and HCC coupled with a real time data analytics directly tied to Cozeva’s operational platform.