Case Management

Case Management

Cozeva works as a trusted channel of communication between your patients, providers and care team to proactively manage your patient population upstream

Manage your care upstream

What does upstream care look like? Cozeva allows for proactive, transparent and real-time information that is visible to the entire care team. Real-time risk stratification and current care gaps allows for proactive patient engagement. This allows the case managers to build a trusted relationship before an acute episode of care. That is the value of proactive Cozeva Case Management.

Know your patients better

COZEVA builds a comprehensive, single source of truth for every patient – capturing utilization, quality gaps, HCC gaps, case management interventions, ED/hospital admission and discharge events – that is being constantly updated and enriched by various care team members and other data sources, all in real-time.

Chart smarter

Leverage forms designed to comply with NCQA guidelines to reduce audit risk and drive towards comprehensive documentation

Reduce readmission rates

Push ADT and Census feeds into Cozeva, connecting your team with a powerful, real-time, automated task workflow

Automate your workflow

Increase efficiency and ROI of care and care mangement programs by fully automating your organization’s care delivery

Maximize ROI of encounters

Get updates – patient post-discharge needs, recent PCP visits, ADLs, and medication discrepancies that allows full view of comprehensive real-time data. The ease and access to this information enables the case manager to create robust patient-engaged care plans that will help decrease unnecessary ER or Hospitalization and close out gaps in care – including MRP with one phone call.

Personalized Patient Centered Care Plans

Cozeva Case Management:

Case Management Fact Sheet

Referrals and Data Sources

Cozeva can receive case management
referrals from:

  • PCPs
  • Health Plans
  • Hospitals
  • Utilization management teams
  • Annual Wellness Visit teams, and more

Cozeva can ingest Hospital Activity data in the form of:

  • ADT Feeds
  • Bed Day Reports
  • Inpatient Status Reports
  • Hospital Census Data

Programs and Documentation

  • Care Transitions
  • Standard/Complex Case Management
  • Care Coordination (ED, 90 Day Rx, etc.)
  • Behavioral Health Case Management
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • LACE Risk Stratification
  • Behavioral Screenings (PHQ9, PHQ2, Mini Cog)
  • Program Enrollment
  • Care Plan
  • CM Survey
  • Home Visit Notes
  • ED Utilizers


Cozeva offers user interface Reports (available to download in .csv format) as well as outbound feeds to help derive key insights such as:

  • Who is being case managed, why, and for how long…
  • Enrollment by Health plan
  • Enrollment by Program type
  • Top primary diagnoses
  • Average days in program
  • Active programs by assignee/staff member
  • Team performance, productivity and efficiency
  • Hospital Readmission Rates (for Transitions of Care Programs)


Documentation blocks currently available in Cozeva’s form templates:

  • Acuity & Intensity
  • Cultural Preferences
  • Language Preferences
  • Relationship Status
  • Work Status
  • Visual and Hearing Status
  • Educational & Financial Resources
  • Caregiver Resources & Support
  • Behavioral Health Status
  • Functional Status
  • Activities of Daily Living
  • Patient Opt-in
  • Medications + Discrepancies
  • Symptoms Management
  • Diet & Nutrition
  • Home Health
  • Appointments
  • Social Determinants of Health
  • Fall Risk Assessment
  • Durable Medical Equipment
  • Community Resources
  • Clinical History
  • Advance Care Planning

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