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Applied Research Works has launched COZEVA ePayments, a new partnership with Hyperwallet, a PayPal service. COZEVA ePayments lets you send payments to providers faster than ever utilizing COZEVA’s simple user interface. Providers gain access to real-time earned vs potential payments, transaction history and payment summaries. 

Thanks to COZEVA’s HyperWallet integration, providers can now securely receive their payments instantaneously and they have the power to choose their preferred payment transfer method. Their bank information is maintained securely by Hyperwallet and their payments can be made to the bank of their choice. Additionally, tax documents, like W9s and 1099s, are generated directly by Hyperwallet and easily viewed for greater transparency. For more information about Cozeva ePayments, please contact info@cozeva.com.

What are the benefits?

Track real-time and historical payment info
Providers can view up-to-date calculations of their earned vs. potential incentive amounts in COZEVA® as well as access quarterly incentive reports.

Receive more timely and frequent payments

Providers can now securely receive their payments instantaneously.

Choose between Individual or Business accounts

Providers can choose between Individual or Business accounts to transfer incentive payments.

Choose either debit card OR automated clearinghouse (ACH) payments
Providers can choose their preferred payment transfer method.

Banking information will NOT be visible to COZEVA®

It will be maintained securely by PayPal Hyperwallet, a PCI DSS compliant real-time push payment platform.

Tax documents easily available through the PayPal Hyperwallet platform

Providers can leverage Hyperwallet’s electronic W-9 forms and also access 1099 information at the end of the year through the platform.

Flexibility, Security and Convenience

Paypal's Payout Capabilities for Large Enterprises

Unlock Paypal's Payout Capabilities

Flexible Funding
Reduce expensive currency flips and foreign exchange fees thanks to funding abilities in more than 28 currencies.

Global Reach
Enable full-value, multi-currency payments to payees in 200+ countries and regions with banked and unbanked network capabilities.

Regulatory Support
Help manage complex global payment regulations and compliance requirements with tools like transaction monitoring, payee verification, and compliance screening.

Payout Optionality
Give payees the ability to self-select how, when, and in which currency they’d prefer to collect their payments.

Provide your payees with an intuitive payout experience that highlights your brand, bolsters engagement, and differentiates your business from the competition. Embed payout capabilities directly into your website or application, or get up and running quickly with Hyperwallet’s white-label Pay Portal environment payments.


• Includes a powerful payout API and easy-to-implement drop-in UIs
• Offers improved control over the payee interface
• Comprehensive implementation documentation available at docs.hyperwallet.com

Pay Portal

• Includes responsive web interface and automatic payee notifications
• Accommodates your unique branding requirements
• Requires minimal integration effort
• Features built-in payee support tools for enhanced customer service

Streamlined Payout Experience

Take Control of your Payout Process

Automate operational overhead and take control of your payment workflow.
Send payouts with PayPal’s enterprise capabilities using the method that best suits your business:

Hyperwallet's comprehensive payout API
Easy batch web upload
SFTP batch file transfer

From fast, digital transfer methods to in-depth reporting options, PayPal’s payout capabilities can provide your enterprise with the flexibility and control needed to streamline operations and scale your payout reach.payments.

Payout Methods
• PayPal • Venmo • Bank Account • Direct to Debit • Check • Prepaid Card
• Virtual Prepaid Card • eGift Cards • Cash Pickup


Implement multiple unique payout programs using a single integration


Personalized onboarding and configuration planning with a Solutions Expert

Payout Funding

Send funds to Hyperwallet in 28 currencies

Additional Features

• 1099 Tax Reporting • Detailed reporting
• Integrated payee verification • Multilingual email, chat, and phone support
• Payment Tracker Technology • Spendback payment capabilities

Payout Features