Focus on Real Gaps in Care

CozevaBridge provides transparency for both the provider groups and health plans to collaboratively close data gaps, so that provider organizations can focus on the real gaps in care.

CozevaBridge Enables TRUST

  • Collate and bridge the two sets of data sources and care gaps (from both provider group and health plan)  to identify and eliminate data gaps for a single source of truth.
  • Enable a single unified set of supplemental data, assessments, and chart uploads

By working on the same platform you can:

  • Relieve administrative burden typically spent on retrieving and consolidating patient information to prove that the quality of care services was rendered 
  • Bolster collaboration between the health plan and provider organization to improve results in risk adjustment and clinical quality (e.g. realtime data sharing, enhanced physician incentive programs, performance monitoring)
  • Distinguish differences between a true care opportunity compared to a data lag or lack of consolidated patient data 
  • Focus on delivering higher quality care to patients, closing care gaps, and treating chronic conditions

Payer-Provider Convergence

  • Ability to label data items (claims, labs, supplemental data) that do not reach provider groups and health plans at the same time as ‘mark as pending’ 
  • Increase transparency between the health plan, provider group, and provider office
  • Improve the quality of care provided to patients through effective care coordination
  • Improve Stars, HEDIS, and RAF scores
  • Decrease provider office frustration and abrasion 
  • Reduce duplicate manual labor and administrative burden