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Integrated Healthcare Association

Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA)

The Integrated Healthcare Association (IHA) recognizes physician organizations who perform well against national benchmarks set by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS). The Cozeva team is happy to announce our clients’ amazing performance and recognition by IHA for Highest Performing & Most Improved physician organizations for the quality of care provided to its Medicare Advantage members in Measurement Year 2017.


The 2018 Medicare Advantage Stars High Performers are those physician organizations who earn an overall 4.5 or 5 star rating. Congratulations Hill Physicians Medical Group, Pioneer Medical Group, AMVI Medical Group, Prospect Gateway Medical Group, Inc., and St. Jude Heritage Medical Group for achieving IHA’s MY 2017 Medicare Advantage Overall Stars Ratings Highest Performing recognition!


The Medicare Stars Quality Improvement Recognition is determined and calculated based on “the improvement in the number of overall stars for each physician organization on the overall Medicare Stars score for this year compared to the overall score for last year.” Congratulations Family Choice Medical Group, Good Samaritan Medical Practice Association, Hill Physicians Medical Group, Hoag Medical Group, Meritage Medical Network, OmniCare Medical Network, Pioneer Medical Group, Prospect Nuestra Familia Medical Group, Inc., Prospect Gateway Medical Group, Inc., and Visalia Medical Clinic for achieving IHA’s MY 2017 Medicare Stars Quality Improvement Recognition.


We look forward to the continued success of our clients and supporting them to accomplish their value-based care goals.

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What makes Cozeva Case Management different?

What makes Cozeva Case Management different?

Cozeva Care, is an integrated platform for whole person care. Our population health management system engages patients, providers, and the entire care team while pulling data from various reports, sources, and referrals to develop a comprehensive patient profile. Cozeva ingests inbound data feeds, ADT messages and integrates directly with EHRs, Labs, HIEs, and others that ensures your case management team has the most up-to-date and actionable information to provide the best possible care to your patients.


How does Cozeva Care impact my workflow?

Cozeva Care is designed to help you meet your goals in a timely manner by prioritizing your task list and notifying your care team of task assignments and task updates in real-time. Additionally, Cozeva Care automates your workflow for efficient care management. This is done through your ability to define due dates based on task times, configure new tasks and assignments to be automatically triggered, and the ability to assign programs to individual users or teams so that nothing slips through the cracks.


What does Cozeva Care do for my team?

Now, your whole team can view a comprehensive, single source of truth for every patient by capturing physician visits, gaps in care, coverage, medications, and others – all done in real time. Cozeva also maintains a directory of the key players in the care delivery for each patient so that physicians, case managers and non-clinical care-coordinators can be added or removed from the care team as the patient’s needs progress. Additionally, Cozeva provides secure messaging platforms and instant chat for teams to coordinate care delivery. This collaboration can be done with anyone from anywhere through Cozeva’s language translation services and offline support.


Contact Enimielen Aligbe at to learn more!

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